(Within) - Between.
Thesis Exhibition Website

Web Design/Dimensions Variable

(Within) - Between is the 2016 Graduate Communications Design MFA Thesis Show at Pratt Institute which showcased the work of 18 graduating MFA candidates. The exhibition concept uses punctuation marks, which serve to clarify relationships between words and sentence, as symbols for the relationships between our eighteen distinct points of view.

The web team for the exhibit was tasked to translate our colleagues' Brand Guidelines into a conceptually-sound and interesting online experience. By using inventive layout and UX designs that cultivate a sense of discovery and joy, the final site employs the punctuation marks as navigational tools that guide users through each designer's work.

By literally moving through the composite sentence that served as our exhibits introduction, the site gives visitors control over how they digitally explore the exhibition and how they wish to draw connections between the diverse body of work.
The (Within) – Between website is built from the ground up with custom front-end coding, and is fully responsive and compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

As visual designer, I participated the initiative from start to finished. I proposed innovative strategies and spearheaded research into assets and development to ensure a smooth visual execution until final creative delivery. I also designed and executed all the Driving media on Amazon advertising platform and cross-screen placements.

Creative Team
Alexis Baran
Craig Roberts
Dina Michl
Kiran Puri
Michael Zibin Yuan

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