A Research and Design project of Skeuomorphism

Interaction Design/App Design/UI+UX/Dimensions Vriable

Republic is a research project of skeuomorphism, which using Plato’s Theory of Forms as interpretation way, to investigate the application mode about skeuomorph prototype in interactive design. The project consists four parts. First part is Republic interactive book. This App is using skeuomorphism to combine way of traditional reading and electronic reading ways such as “levels” and “Point-information”. It makes users fell the “temperature of Paper” by using Skeuomorphism in Interactive design and understand the experience of it. True or False collection and The Hourglass collection research the dialectical relationship between the level of skeuomorph, prototype of skeuomorph, concept of skeuomorph and experience of function from horizontal and vertical perspective respectively. In addition, the Noterope is derived based on the first three theories, through the concept of a prototype for the analysis and redesign, trying to make the perfect design using skeuomorph prototypes.

Text & Design: Michael Zibin Yuan
Application Programmed by: Chao Wang, Yu Cui
Sound Design: Hongxi Liu
Project Completed in Beijing, Jun 2013