Mirage-Evening 2012 A/W
Fashion Video

1'57''/Video/Motion Graphics

The project is concept promotional video designed for Mirage, the autumn and winter series of EVENING, personal brand of Evening Yu, an independent fashion designer in Beijing, China. The Mirage inspired byseries (factory labyrinth) of Li Yousong, a famous Chinese painter. The work is called mirage. Filling of woolen yarn is used. Material and composition have fuzzy boundary and balance. Diversity of wool products is innovatively presented. Through interpretation of the design concept, I hope to dynamically reflect the concept of true scene in subjective consciousness of mirage through video, and integrate Designer Evening’s personal visual features. This video is used as opening video of Designer Evening Yu in 2012 VOGUE Magazine International Wool Mark Garment Competition.

Motion design by Michael Zibin Yuan
Client/Fashion Design: Evening Wanning Yu
Project Completed in Beijing, May 2012