A Graphical New Yorker

1'21''/Video/Motion Graphics

Our life is inundated with graphics. Logos, signs, icons show up on our retina every seconds. Graphics don’t have any meaning by themselves. However, since they have been used in multiple purposes: politics, commercials, and cautions; they have been remembered by us. In our brain, every graphics are been saved as a noun as their meanings.

I picked some graphic elements from my life in New York. They are logos, signs, icons and screenshots in my daily life. In the process I linked them, I found that is easy to find connection points between them in an absolutely visual angle. Also I am curious: If graphics can transmit meaning. Can the audiences understand what life I have experienced through watching graphics from my life?

Motion design by Michael Zibin Yuan
Music copyright by Lemâitre
Project Completed in Brooklyn, New York, May 2014