8.5 inches x 11 inches/print

eGoods is a graphic design project which tries to experiment with how interactions between language and image consist forms of information exchanges within online communications and create social impacts. It was inspired from a type of video website in Japan and China called “Danmaku”, where users can watch video and overlay comments simultaneously. Compared to traditional mediums in which motion pictures, static images and texts has their own specific functions that communicate through a broadcasting model, “Danmaku” reflects that online social media are public spaces where these elements interact and fuse together to create impacts.

This publication gathers images and related texts from the Internet and arranges them into 16 categories of fake Internet terms with an “e-” prefix. By reviewing these exaggerations, the audience is expected to perceive the process of how these common elements build cultural impact through propagation in the Internet. These interactions between multiple message formats also reflect how individuals interact with the whole online society. Within online platforms such as social networks, individuals are using tools such as creating new language and image manipulation to voice opinions, and overlaying these messages with each other to create exaggerate impacts. Besides Danmaku, this project also references the making of memes, because it also reflects how individuals use these tools to overlay messages with text and manipulated images, in order to propagate opinions and create impact by the mixture of these elements. These internet phenomenon make cultural influences to both online and offline society. By using these “public channel”, individuals have the chance to uses these exaggerations, including “new language” and image manipulations (memes) to participate in this transformation.

Text & Design: Michael Zibin Yuan
Editor: Michael Zibin Yuan
Text & Image: Quote from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Reddit
Print in Staples, New York, October 2015
Photo credit: Zilan Fan©Arashi Studio