Doritos x Amazon Echo
2017 Super Bowl Commerical Sponsorship

Digital Advertising/Web Design/Dimensions Variable

The Super Bowl is the most significant event in advertising industry each year. Commercials that air during the Super Bowl feature only the most-high-profile, creative mind in the industry in order to incite nationalized impressions and attract viewership.

In Super Bowl 2017, Amazon and PepsiCo released a 10 second TV spot during the break between 3rd and 4th quarter to feature the unique feature that customers can use Amazon Echo device to order Doritos Chips through Amazon and get delivered though Amazon Prime Air (as known as Amazon Drones). To extend the impression of this Super Bowl TV spot and provide customers and follow-up e-commercial experience, PepsiCo partner with Amazon Media Group to present the “Doritos x Echo” advertising campaign takeover on Amazon advertising platform on the second date of Superbowl.

This sponsorship includes Amazon Gateway H1 placement takeover, Amazon Gateway media takeover, Cross-screen media advertising and Custom campaign landing page. It provided customers opportunities to review the Superbowl TV commercial on the landing page, and also give them options to purchase Amazon Echo and Doritos directly on the Campaign landing page.

This project was the first time that Amazon showcased graphical advertisements on Amazon Gateway H1 placement from a Customer Package Goods advertiser collaboration with an Amazon connected device. Meanwhile, compare to the traditional commercial broadcasting advertising model of Super Bowl ads, as the length of TV ad are short, this project created an advertising model that utilized the contents of the Super Bowl TV ad in order to provide customers with a retail customer experience and allow them to revisit and explore more information behind the TV spot. This innovative strategy offered Amazon a method for turning the large impression of Super Bowl viewers into actual retail revenue by using all platforms Amazon as e-commercial publisher can had to offer.

As visual designer, I participated the initiative from start to finished. I proposed innovative strategies and spearheaded research into assets and development to ensure a smooth visual execution until final creative delivery. I also designed and executed all the Driving media on Amazon advertising platform and cross-screen placements.


Creative Director
Wade Neumeister
Mike Kazantzis

Visual Designer
Young Sun
Michael Zibin Yuan
Brian Chinn

Interactive Designer
Adam Fournier

Brian Chinn

Steve Landau

Josh Eisenman

Campaign Manager
Myles Gamboa