2'42''/Animiation/Digital Arts

This animation is a result after a visual research of the Gannan Tibet area in 2011. I am mainly responsible for concept proposing, script setting and material shooting in the create process.

Through the investigation of Tibetan Buddhism culture and Tibetan lifestyle, we find that the recycling, the traditional religious word, is the best summarization of Tibetans’ life. Through constant rotation, Tibetans do not only accumulate their own virtue, but also construct the Tibetan Buddhism belief.

We photograph all the assets of the animation in the Tibetan area. We try to understand the world we can see in the recycling of Tibetan Buddhism with a fantastic technique from a perspective of Han tourist or by as-called “modern” city people. Perhaps this is the understanding of belief of most Han people. It is a superficial recycling. In Tibetan religion, their recycling is actually a cycle strengthened repeatedly by the spirit ruling of Buddhism.

The animation has four parts, which express the cycle process of belief. The first part is Ukiyoe in a Tibetan temple. Tibetan’s religious worship is compared with Han tourist, forking the contemporary Tibetan area. The second part is traditional Tibetan celestial burial. In Tibetan religion, after vultures eat their body, their souls will be taken to reincarnation. The third part is the common festival exhibition in Tibetan area. In Thangka after figure of Buddha eats souls brought by vulture, the Tibetan people's faith is sublimated. The fourth part expresses another establishment of faith.

Team Members: Michael Zibin Yuan/Zheng Li/Yijie Li/Cailiang Zhao/Xingyu Li/Yiwen Jiang
Project Completed in Beijing, April 2012