BabyDove Product-launch
Amazon Storefront

Digital Advertising/Web Design/Dimensions Variable

In April 2017, Dove, The Unilever-owned personal-care brand, launched a new product line “Bady Dove” in North American market. As a significant part of the national launch, Unilever invested an advertising campaign on Amazon to drive the brand awareness of customers and enter the e-commerce baby market; including the Baby Dove product launch Amazon Storefront (Tailored landing page), Cross-screen Media on Amazon Advertising Platform and Fire tablet Wakescreen.

As the Visual Designer and Art Director of this project, I lead the creative part of this project, including setup and lead brainstorming the creative strategy, represent Amazon Creative team to pitch creative ideas to client, art directed the driving media banners by working with Rockfish Agency (Trusted Creative Partner of Amazon Media Group), and executed(Designed and Coded) the custom landing page.


Creative Director
Wade Neumeister

Art Director
Michael Zibin Yuan

Steve Landau

Josh Eisenman

Campaign Manager
Hannah Woodberry

In Collaborated with
Dan Mahan, Art Director of Rockfish